Kujala waste centre

Kujala Waste Centre

Aerial views, operation-specific images, videos, and textual description provide a comprehensive presentation of the waste treatment facilities, operation premises, and other facilities at the Kujala Waste Centre. Welcome to learning about today’s waste treatment!

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Kujala Waste Centre takes in waste from communities and production facilities for interim storage, handling, recovery, transfer and final disposal.

Kujala Waste Centre is the main site of Päijät-Häme Waste Management Ltd (PHJ) and its only waste treatment site. Completed in 2001, the site covers 70 hectares in total.

The Kujala Waste Centre, completed in 2001, covers 70 hectares in total, with 5.4 hectares currently in use as landfill and 24 as decommissioned old landfill. Approximately 5.3 hectares is used for the reception and storage of recyclable waste. The operation uses 2.5 hectares for treatment of contaminated soil (CSSAs), in addition to which a biogas and composting plant accounts for approximately 5 ha.

The Kujala Waste Centre receives roughly 200,000 tonnes of waste annually. Municipal waste accounts for approximately 85,000 tonnes of this.

Approximately 45-50 people work at the site daily, employed by PHJ and contractors. In addition, the site is home to LABIO Ltd´s biogas and composting plant, Tarpaper Recycling Finland Ltd´s roofing felt processing facility, Gasum Ltd´s biogas production and upgrading facility, NCC Roads Ltd´s asphalt facility and a soil processing field.