Visiting Kujala Waste Centre

You can use this form to book a visit to Kujala Waste Centre for your group. Fill in the requested information and we will contact you as soon as possible to agree on the details. Tours must be booked in advance, preferably two to three weeks before the date of the visit.

Please note that as a rule, visitors who come from outside our operational region are charged a fee. We offer free waste management advice to local residents. We request that you use this form to agree on advice services.

The visit offers the opportunity to learn more about the role of waste management in the promotion of the circular economy and it covers topics such as waste management for households, reuse of waste in the region of Päijät-Häme Waste Management Ltd, and the waste centre’s main circular economy operations.

Visits can be arranged on weekdays between 9 am and 4 pm. The maximum group size is 30. The tours can be conducted in Finnish or English. The maximum duration of the visit is 2 hours. If you arrive by charter bus, the visit can include a bus tour of the waste centre area. Because of the driving conditions in the area, only standard buses that seat 30–50 people are suitable for the tour. This excludes low-floor buses or larger buses.

The information provided in the form will be stored in a personal data register and will only be used for arranging the visit and agreeing on details. Information will not be collected for any other purpose and it will not be disclosed to a third party. The personal data will be stored in a secure system, which may only be accessed by authorised persons who use a username and password to log in. More information is available in our privacy policy pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation.

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