Shared containers

Properties can also join a waste management system by acquiring a shared waste container. Shared containers can be used for all waste types.

In an area with a local detailed plan, shared containers can be acquired by properties located on adjacent plots.

In sparsely populated areas, shared containers can be acquired by

  • properties located along the same public road within three kilometres of the container,
  • properties located along the same private road, or
  • holiday homes that are accessed by a boat, when the shared container is located in connection with the jetty.

For properties other than those listed above,  shared containers are only allowed with permission from the Päijät-Häme Waste Board.

If you want to start using a shared container or stop using one, you must notify the Päijät-Häme Waste Board and the collection company’s customer service in advance. The written notification submitted to the waste board must contain information on the contact person for matters related to the container, waste types collected in the container, the location, size and number of the container(s), and the properties using the container (address, owners and contact details). The contact person is responsible for submitting notifications on any changes in the use of the container.

Applications and notifications can be submitted in writing to the waste board at