Kuvassa asiakas asioi vihreällä vaarallisten jätteiden keräyskontilla, jonka seinässä on ohjeet siitä, mitä jätettä konttiin voi tuoda

Special collection points for hazardous waste

Green containers for hazardous waste can be found at petrol stations. Intended for hazardous household waste, they are open during the petrol station’s opening hours. The maximum quantities of waste accepted are 50 kg and 50 l.

How to dispose of hazardous waste: Collect the key to the container from the till, fill in the form you are given, and sort the waste in accordance with the instructions.

Note that only the following household waste can be disposed of in the container:

  • batteries
  • fluorescent tubes, energy-saving lights
  • used oils, oil-contaminated solid waste
  • paints, glue, varnishes, aerosols
  • coolant, clutch and brake fluid
  • up to 50 litres and 50 kg

Other hazardous waste types, such as acids, bases, paint thinners, solvents, toxic substances, impregnated wood and electrical equipment are accepted by the waste reception stations.

See our waste sorting instructions


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